Why small business needs mobile apps

Regardless of the size of your business or industry mobile apps have become part and parcel of each enterprise. A mobile app can increase your sales significantly therefore it is not enough to simply have a website.

The following are some of the reasons  why small business  needs mobile apps:


Promoting your business

Mobile apps can provide your customers with all the general information about your business. Apart from that clients can also get information on the latest deals and promotions. The mobile apps also offer extra features such as booking forms, search, news feeds etc.

Small business owners can interact directly with customers through the mobile app. Through push notifications, customers can be constantly updated of your products and services as well as offers.

Rewarding customers through the app will not only promote sales but boost customer loyalty as well.


Mobile apps help to enhance brand awareness.

Small business owners must capture the attention of the customers with an exceptionally designed app. The app must capture all the important features of your business. Your business will only get brand recognition when customers constantly use your app. It is only when customers constantly use your app and get used to your brand that turn from being potential customers to buying customers. The mobile app is a direct marketing tool the more customers see your app the more they get used to your brand.

The people who install your mobile app probably understand your business and therefore it easy to pitch your sales directly to them.

The internet is full of millions of websites and your small business may have little chance of competing successfully. On the hand, people only install a limited number of apps on their phones and therefore if users install your app it is only competing with a handful of other apps improving your visibility.


Increase customer numbers

There are millions of mobile phone users across the globe accessing the Internet directly from their Smartphones. Through mobile apps, your business will get access to this large pool of potential customers. Use the mobile app as a direct marketing channel to connect to your customers 24/7.


App Monetization

Mobile apps can also provide an extra stream of income for small businesses either through ads or in-app purchases.


Customer support and feedback

Enhance customer support by communicating and delivering directly from the app. Great customer support is important for getting business referrals.

The mobile app is an excellent source of information about your customers preferences. Learn what your clients like or do not like about your products and services. This information is important because it helps the business enhance customer satisfaction.

Collecting customer data such as their age, profession, spending limits is important when communicating with the customers and coming up with offers to enhance future sales. All this information can be gathered from the mobile app.

Your small business is bound to benefit immensely from having a dedicated mobile app. Any serious small business owner must utilize the mobile platform to offer better solutions to their customers.

How to optimize your apps in app store

There are millions of Apps available in the App store and Google Play. For that reason it is increasingly becoming difficult to improve the visibility of Apps for potential clients. However incredible your App may be, it may still not be downloaded rapidly. There millions of Apps downloaded through the App store and with proper App store optimization and improved App store ranking your App will reach your download targets.

There are several methods used to boost the ranking of mobile apps in the app store search results. App store optimization increases the rate of app download due to increased visibility. However, making apps more visible in the app store is not an easy task because of the tight competition from other competitors employing similar methods. The App optimization tools can be particularly effective if you have an incredibly useful app with an elegant design that potential clients will take a deep interest in.

The effective methods of Optimizing your App in the app store include the following:

App Title

Grab the attention of users first with a compelling title for your app that sticks in the minds of users. Once you have their attention only then will they take an interest in the app icon as well as the app description. If the title is not catchy enough, then the icon must be a work of art. What makes a great App title? Well a great app title has got to be short, easy to understand, imaginative and generally very appealing. Let it be a name users will find easy to pronounce and relate to quickly.

App Description

Catch the curiosity of your target audience by describing the function of the app in the first line. Include other things like awards total number of downloads to inform of what the app has achieved. Give them a convincing reason to download your app and why it is superior. Make sure the description is comprehensible and appealing and pay attention to any inquiries.

The keywords in the App category

The unique keywords that are used for searching for apps in that specific class of apps can also be highly effective in App store optimization. Make use of the available tools to research for the most unique keywords.

Elegant App Icon

Use your resources to find the experts who will develop the most attractive icon for your app. Your app icon should be trendy with a design that is preferred by users. Do a research to know the current design trends and user preferences.  

Incredible Screenshots and Video

There is nothing more appealing to users than to see your app in action and how delightful users are when using your app. The screen shots must be of high quality and a clear reflection of your app description. You can come with a creative and high quality video showcasing the app in action.


Apart from that, you can benefit a lot from better reviews and app rating therefore make sure you got people talking about your app. Also ensure that your app is the right category this is very important because it is the best way not to lose potential users because of placing your app in the wrong category. Keep trying out new methods and optimization tools because it may take some time, but you may just find your app at the top of the App store search results.

What are the effective marketing strategies for your mobile apps?

Achieving app success is an uphill task given that there are thousands of developers in the world today. Your app may not really get the exposure it deserves because the app market is very busy and the competition is very stiff. There are a few genuine concerns that you must address in order for your app to achieve its full potential.

In order for your app to be discovered naturally, it must rank high in the app market. Your app business needs to make money, therefore, your app must be downloaded enough times to keep your business alive. For your app to get a good usage ratio you must get your target audience to download the app as many times as possible. These concerns once addressed in your marketing strategy will help your app to achieve its full potential and make it to top the app market.

The cost of marketing apps seems to be very expensive and a hindrance to actually making any profits on the apps. Most developers are also concerned about the dynamic app market and the ever changing app marketing strategies. Therefore, because of the nature of the app market developers are worried about having a long term strategy that will be able to withstand the app market dynamism.


We have outlined some of the most effective mobile app marketing strategies that will make your apps profitable and will work for a long time despite the ever changing trends in the app market.

Mobile App Marketing in social media

Social media marketing strategy is effective for any mobile app development company, whether small medium or large. It is effective in promoting brand awareness and developing a personal touch with your target audience. Your app will be able to get the attention it needs through social media. As a developer, you can use the social media to communicate with the app users. Therefore, maintain very clear communication with users via social media to ensure the reviews in the app market or store remain positive. You can handle customer complaints via social media and because the last place you want the complaints to be is in the app store reviews.

Mobile app marketing in Ad Networks

You can partner with Ad companies to boost the awareness of your app in order for you to increase profits from your apps. Your app can be promoted through banners or even other apps. Advertising apps will significantly increase the click-through rate and improve the app rating and app store ranking organically.

Your app ad should be published with your target audience therefore ensure that your ad company does exactly that. Try out several Ad Networks to see which one best meets the requirements of your app.

Mobile App Organic Marketing

The different App stores Apple App Store as well as Google Play apply different methods for organic ranking. You need maximum exposure for your apps in both therefore it is vital to understand the methods they apply. For instance, in Google Play your app will rank higher if it has a high usage ratio for every download. Having ad-driven links can boost the app ranking in Apple’s App Store.

Retaining Loyal Users

Another effective marketing strategy includes retaining loyal users by providing extra benefits to make them feel extra special. They can be notified through push notifications straight from the Apps.

Your very own App Empire

You can also promote your apps yourself through your very own App Empire, where you can have your own app network. Users can check out all the apps that are found within the app network. Links, banners, push notifications can all be set within the network.

These effective marketing strategies will definitely work however you must apply them continuously to get maximum results.

How to use mobile apps for sales marketing

Mobile apps are providing companies with an effective sales and marketing tools with much success. The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store have thousands of Apps available and companies have no option but to take full advantage of mobile marketing.

Mobile devices have taken over from the conventional desktop computers, PCs as well as laptops as more and more people are able to afford them. There are a variety of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. For companies that wish to keep up with the times specifically the mobile revolution need to target mobile users in order to increase sales. Having a website alone is not enough for sales marketing, since more people access the web from their mobile devices some websites are not responsive for the mobile platform and may not be rendered as required. The Apple platform does not support flash and therefore traditional websites may not be the best strategy.

It is only through an App that any company can capture users who primarily use mobile devices. Already customers of large enterprises are enjoying the convenience of purchasing items straight from the app. Companies such as eBay, Amazon, Target all have apps targeting mobile device users. The medium and small companies also have their own apps now for sales and marketing. It appears every company must consider creating an app in order to tap into this huge market. The mobile apps will generate direct sales and the app needs to be driven for that purpose. The mobile apps need to be engaging and should include sign ups to connect more with users.

Mobile apps are now being used by small businesses as card readers for those that cannot afford expensive credit fees. Therefore the mobile apps have become great selling devices for small businesses like food trucks and many others.

Since the company’s sales force need to be ready every time, mobile apps can be very helpful in that regard. By using cloud storage apps such as Dropbox or Google Drive you can keep sales materials, presentations as well as contact information. This makes the sharing of information on the go easy. This means that customers can instantly get information on anything they need to know about your company. They do not need to set aside time to visit your website later.

There are hundreds of new apps developed daily and the use of mobile apps for sales marketing is increasingly accelerating. Companies have realized significant improvement in sales through the use of mobile apps. It has promoted information sharing as well as lead generation. Every business must take note of the apps available in the market and how they can utilize them as a tool for sales marketing.

How to take your business mobile on budget

The online searches for goods and services are now being carried out using mobile devices by most consumers. Therefore, businesses have to make that move to the mobile platform so that customers can get access to information about the products and services that they offer straight from their mobile devices such as the Smartphones and tablets. Therefore the business website will need to be responsive for the mobile platform.

There are several mobile solutions for you to choose from depending on the unique needs of your business and its clients. The cost of the mobile solution should be pocket friendly to allow your business to make that shift to the mobile platform with ease. The following are some of the solutions that can take your business mobile:

Transforming your website into a mobile site

Optimizing your website for the mobile platform is one of the way of taking your business mobile. This will enable your website to be viewed on mobile devices fully with all its features plus content. Therefore, customers will be ensured of the same experience your old website offered, but now on their mobile devices. Making your website mobile friendly is affordable given the variety of tools available to help in the transformation. It is cheaper to have a mobile site however, it has a few limitations and may be engaging enough for consumers.

Developing a single Responsive Website for your business

A responsive website will be able to adapt to the size of the screen of any device whether it is the PC or mobile devices. Therefore, instead of having your old website as well a mobile site which means you practically have two distinct sites, a responsive website will save you from that trouble by just having one site. Business are finding it quite affordable to have a single responsive site because it is budget friendly and cheaper to maintain. You get all the benefits of a mobile site and the desktop site in one. A responsive website is a worthwhile investment for any business.

Business oriented Mobile App

A mobile App is the hottest thing right now and can help your business and its clients carry out certain specific tasks. Clients will visit your mobile site for a variety of reasons and a mobile App is a fast and efficient way for client to undertake specific tasks while on the move. For instance, clients can use a mobile app to make online purchases or book flights. There are several affordable mobile app options, however developing a customized mobile app may cost a little more. There are several cheaper options that make mobile apps quite affordable for many businesses today.

The combination of a mobile app with a mobile site is referred to as a hybrid solution. The cost of a hybrid solution may be higher than having only a mobile site. Depending on the needs of your customers your business can go mobile on budget as long as you deliver what your customers need and get a return on your investment.

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