Latest Mobile Trends

The smart phone has revolutionized the way we do things in today’s world through mobile apps. Some of the amazing things you can do with your smart phone today that nobody ever thought would be possible include keeping track of your heartbeat, weight or even children, filing claims, controlling the thermostat as well as locking and unlocking your car. The smart phones have made our lives simpler and as these devices keep getting smarter there is no limit to what they can achieve. More and more businesses are seeking even better ways to engage with their clients.

The mobile is everywhere, we find it being used in the homes, we now wear it in our wrists and the mobile has even moved to the cloud. We have outlined some of the latest mobile trends that you must definitely watch out for:


Augmented Reality



AR is one of the latest emerging technologies; it combines real world objects with the computer generated objects. This technology not only going to revolutionize the entertainment industry, but also the way we shop.  Imagine you are doing online shop in an ecommerce facility and you get the visualization of sofa in your home corner before you buy it.

The game giant company Nintendo’s Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm recently is based on augmented reality.  There were several incidences of madness for this game. People have done crazy things just to catch Pokémons. All you need to have this game installed on your phone, and you are good to go to catch a Pokémon. This game is just an example how AR is changing the gaming industry; many leading gaming companies are now introducing AR based games.


Mobile Wallet

The smart phone is taking over the banking industry despite a slow start. There are several mobile payment options available today from a number of leading companies such as Google Wallet, PayPal Beacon, Isis Mobile Wallet and many others. Nobody ever thought that depositing a check would be as easy as taking a photo of it and sending it to the bank straight from your mobile device.

With mobile payments you do not have to carry a card around all the time payments can be made straight from the apps. Despite the fact that these payment options offer cards now you no longer have to worry about losing your card. Money transfer is now even much easier through the mobile apps and you have total control over these accounts.


Internet of things(IOT)

The mobile is now being connected with other electronics within the home. Imagine being able to control the oven temperature from your mobile app while you are away from the kitchen. Through your smart phone you can know what you need from the grocery store by confirming the refrigerator contents straight from your smartphone.


The technology of wearable



The evolution of the computer and human relationship is seen the growing popularity in wearable technology. Some of the already existing wearables include the smartwatch with several versions from Samsung and Apple. We are waiting for the release of the smartwatch from Google that will powered by Android. Other wearables include fitness wearables and more is definitely to come.


Security through mobile devices

The mobile devices are being integrated with advanced security features such as biometrics, fingerprint and face scanning. Other excellent security features are on the way and offer better protection than passwords.


Web browsing through mobile devices

People are now spending more time browsing the web through their smart phones and globally the number is rising. This has forced businesses to move swiftly towards the mobile platform to access this huge market.


Mobile cloud Integration

Cloud integration in the mobile platform is going improve mobile experience with apps such as Salesforce now data can be stored and accessed using cloud straight from the smart phone. There are several data handling applications that have already moved to the cloud and are available on the mobile platform.


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