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How real estate can grow business with mobile apps?
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Now that there are millions of mobile users are across the globe mobile marketing has been an effective way of providing customers with information on goods and services including the real estate market. There are millions of smart phone devices readily available across the globe and the prices have reduced.

The demand for mobile apps has gone up considerably. Billions of apps have been downloaded on devices such as the iPhone and Android. According to statistics the online searches related to real estate property have been through mobile devices. The future property buyers are the current generation that mainly accesses the internet through their mobile devices.

The following are some of the ways real estate business can grow through Mobile Apps:

  • Customers can easily find real estate listings straight from the mobile App.
  • Clients can take instant virtual tours through the mobile App.
  • Clients to contact the real estate Agents directly from the mobile App.
  • Clients can get GPS directions to the listings or agent offices. The mobile App can include a map showing the exact location of the property.
  • Clients can get instant notifications on the latest listings, open houses, latest property deals as well as price cuts.
  • Real estate agents can provide clients with valuable tips and advice on real estate. These can be videos on YouTube, pdf files etc.
  • The clients can check the real estate event calendar to get instant access to information on community events, seminars as well as open house listings.
  • The mobile App can be integrated with social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to provide excellent recommendations.
  • Appointment requests can be made via the mobile App.
  • Customers can share the property information through several platforms like social media.
  • The mobile App provides efficient communication channels between the agents and the clients.
  • Images of the real estate property can be viewed and clients can post comments or ask questions. This information can be shared with millions of other smart phone users.
  • The mobile App can be utilized for online marketing and self-promotion of real estate property and this can have a huge impact on the business.


Therefore, mobile apps will definitely help to grow the real estate business by boosting the market exposure.


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